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Privacy Policy

  1. Personal Information Collection
    The company has made it convenient for you to view product details or order insurance policies online without having to first become a V-Store member. However, subscription to V-Store will offer more convenience to you when you purchase insurance online. You will be entitled to privileges to participate in the company's sales promotion activities before clients who have not registered for membership with V-Store.
    • If you have registered with V-Store, some of your personal information will be collected, such as your name, last name, address, email address, fixed line telephone number, mobile telephone number, sex, age, occupation, and other basic information.
    • At the completion of the registration process, you will be entitled to all V-Store membership benefits. Moreover, you will receive news, privileges, and can participate in V-Store's sales promotion activities.
    • As part of our service users' survey, which will be used for service quality improvement at V-Store, it is necessary for us to collect additional information from you, such as your IP address, the type of your browser, and the time that you visit the website. V-Store recommends that you check the privacy policy of links on this website in order to know and understand how those websites collect, use, or handle your personal information. V-Store cannot verify messages or actions taken as announced in such websites and shall not take any responsibility for such websites' action or failure to perform any act in accordance with their stated privacy policies.
  2. Personal Information Usage
    • V-Store will use your personal information only as necessary. For example, your name and address will be used for contacting you, providing service for you, sending you public relations new or information, or conducting a survey on your opinion regarding V-Store's business or activities.
    • V-Store guaranties that your personal information collected by V-Store will not be sold or disseminated to a third party, except with your permission only.
    • - In the event that V-Store has hired another party to manage your personal information such as mail delivery, conducting statistical analysis of V-Store's business or activities; V-Store shall require that the said party to keep your personal information confidential and secure, and shall require that such information may not be used for any matter other V-Store's business or activities.
    • V-Store will handle your personal information by using appropriate control and will not give any personal information to a third party without the consent of the parties involved except in the following events:
      • Providing information as required by law or regulations
      • Providing information that is necessary for protecting life or property of a person and acquiring that person's consent is difficult to do
      • Providing information that is necessary for cooperation with a state agency, local government, or a person or an operator assigned to perform any act as required by law or regulations.
  3. Security Measures for Personal Information
    For the purpose of confidentiality and security of your personal information, V-Store has defined the rights to access or use your personal information. Also, to ensure confidentiality and security of very important information such as your credit card number, V-Store has provided a secure communication channel for such information by encryption, with the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
  4. Use of Cookies
    Cookies are small pieces of data that will be sent from a website to be stored in the browser of a personal computer, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone or other devices automatically (if you do not wish to have cookies in your browser, you may command your browser not to accept cookie file). Cookies are neither a program nor virus and cannot send virus to your computer. V-Store uses cookies only to be aware of the parties visiting V-Store's website in order to collect geostatistical data and users' information. Such geostatistics will allow the company to revise and create the content model to match the topic of your interest and those of other service users who visit V-Store's website.
  5. Caution
    You are the only person who has access to V-Store's login password. We recommend that you keep your login name and password confidential and always log out before leaving the website. As there is no perfect security system for sending and receiving your information via the Internet, the company cannot guarantee security in sending/receiving your information, but will ensure that the best security is maintained every time information is transmitted.
  6. Revision of Privacy Policy
    V-Store may make improvement on or revise the privacy policy for appropriateness or service efficiency without giving you advance notice. Thus, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy every time you visit V-Store or use our service.

    V-Store welcomes any question, recommendation, or comments that you may have regarding these terms and conditions that will be useful for improvement of our services. Below is our contact information:

    • E-mail: vstore@viriyah.co.th
    • Telephone number: 02-2391555
    • Mailing address: Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited, 121/28, 124/65 RS Building, Rachadaphisek Road, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng Bangkok 1000 (Please write V- Store in parentheses on a corner of the envelop)