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Product Purchasing and Premium Payment Policies

Product purchasing

You are welcome to select from a variety of insurance products online that offer the kind of coverage you desire. The service is available twenty-four hours a day. You only need to follow these steps:

  1. Always read details of the conditions attached to insurance policy before making a decision to buy.
  2. You may calculate your premium based on the coverage of your choice
  3. You may buy a non-life insurance policy (policy renewal) no sooner than 60 days in advance
  4. You must provide details of the insured person or insured object that are truthful. If these details are contrary to fact, whether intentionally or not, the contract will become void, and the company thereby has the right to cancel the insurance policy and refuse to pay claims.
  5. Premium is paid by a credit card.
  6. Your insurance coverage will take effect on the date you have indicated on the online insurance policy after you have paid your premium and received coverage acceptance messages from the company's automatic system.

Premium Payment

For insurance purchased online at V-Store, payment can be made by a credit card via Internet Payment Gateway only. You can buy our products securely by using a VISA card or a MasterCard issued by any bank through the Bangkok Bank's Payment Gateway where the 128-bit encryption technology, the highest security level used by banks all over the world, is used for internet banking transactions.

Your VISA card or MasterCard has to be registered by the Verify by the VISA (VBV) or MasterCard Secure Code (MCSC) system of the issuing bank before it can be used for online payment. This is to ensure payment security by using the Verify by VISA (VBV) and the MasterCard Secure Care to verify the password that you set yourself, thus preventing another person from unlawfully using your card to make transactions.

  • - Payment may be made by a Credit card (accept all Banks)
  • - Debit card (Only three banks, including Bangkok Bank , Kasikorn Bank and Krungthai Bank )