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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarification of online insurance
and other questions about buying insurance

In the event that you feel that the response is not fair to you, you may make further inquiries or refer the matter to the Office of Insurance Commission.

What is Vstore ?

Vstore is online insurance service provided by Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited. V-Store offers a variety of insurance products that are worth your money, with comprehensive insurance coverage that meets all your needs and offers solutions to every lifestyle. Just follow four simple steps: Step1- Calculate the premium; Step 2- Place a purchase order; Step 3- Pay the premium; Step 4- Get the coverage (on the date specified by you).

Is it necessary to be to Vstore member before buying an insurance policy or request for a quote?

No. You may buy an insurance policy or request for a quote without having to subscribe for membership. Once you have purchased a policy or received the quote, the system will proceed to subscribe for membership for you automatically and send your subscription details to your email address. This is for you convenience when you use our service again.

Can I use a debit card to make payment?

Vstore accepts payment by a debit card from three banks: Bangkok Bank, Kasikornbank, and Krung Thai Bank, provided that you have verified your card in accordance with the conditions of your bank before using it.

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