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Calculating Car Insurance Premium

Calculating Premiums of Other Types of Insurance

Select your desired insurance product and then select relevant details and particulars of your car to determine the premium.

Premium including tax and duties 0 Baht

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Voluntary Car Insurance

2+ (Sum Insured THB 200,000)

2 Plus
  • Pay a little extra for your beloved car. Get a plan with collision coverage with our 2 Plus option.
Coverage Limit of Liability

Liability to a third party

1.Damage to life, body, or health, including that of


2.Damage to property

300,000 Baht/person

10,000,000 Baht/incident

1,000,000 Baht/incident

Liability to car

1. Loss/fire

200,000 Baht/incident

Coverage as per appendix

1. Personal accident: Number of Drivers 1
    Number of Passengers 5

2. Medical expenses: Number of Drivers 1
    Number of Passengers 5

3. Bailing out driver in a criminal case

50,000 Baht/person

50,000 Baht/person

200,000 Baht/incident

Coverage as per appendix for specific perils

Damage to car in case of collision with land vehicle(s)

200,000 Baht/incident

Private Passenger Car

8,800 Baht

Passenger pick–up truck for private use (maximum 20 seats)

8,800 Baht

Pick-up Truck for commercial use (maximum 4 tons)

9,900 Baht

Note : Details of coverage, conditions, and exclusions (Click here for more details)are as specified in insurance policies.