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Calculating Personal Accident Micro Insurance

Calculating Car Insurance Premium

Please select your insurance product and its relevant details to calculate premium.

Premium including tax and duties 450 Baht

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Personal Accident

This option covers death and loss of body parts resulting
from an accident while riding a motorcycle or being a
passenger on a motorcycle together with income
compensation and thefuneral cost at a premium of only
450 Baht/year.


Insured Amount (Baht)

  1. Death, loss of body parts, loss of sight, or total and permanent disability.
  1. Death, loss of body parts, loss of sight, or total and permanent disability caused by an accident while riding, or being a passenger on a motorcycle.
  1. Income compensation while being hospitalized (per day) for up to 20 days throughout the insurance period (added coverage extended to an accident while riding or being a passenger on a motorcycle).
  1. Cost of funeral rites in the case of death as a result of an injury or sickness
    (except when death occurs due to illness during the first 180 days)

Total premium including tax/year


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Note : One person, one policy only. Buying more than one policy will result in the cancellation of the most recent ones. If more than one policy is bought, the most recent policies will be cancelled with the full amount of premium refunded to the buyer.

This type of policy does not cover the following cases :

  • When the insured person is under the influence of alcoholic drinks (with blood alcohol at 150 mg. % or higher), a narcotic substance, or a harmful narcotic to the extent of losing control of himself/herself.
  • A suicide, a suicide attempt, or a self-inflicted injury.
  • Exposure to germs, parasites, except in the case of an infection or tetanus infection, or rabies as a result of the wound(s) caused by an accident.ุ
  • An miscarriage
  • Food poisoning
  • A backache caused by herniated disc, slipped discs or deteriorated discs, inflamed disc or spondylolysis
  • When the insured person has engaged in a fight or provoked a fight
  • When the insured person has committed a crime, or when the insured person is being arrested or trying to escape from an arrest.
  • When the insured person is acting on duty as a soldier, policeman, or volunteer and has participated in a war or a suppression activity.
*The above message is only a summary of main items covered by the insurance. For more details please contact Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited or your insurance agent.

Note : Details of coverage, conditions, and exclusions (Click here for more details)are as specified in insurance policies.

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